This Sweet Moment

Oh how sweet the moment is, even when it’s not.

We may forget, but every moment is sacred. There are some moments though that remind us of it because the sweetness is pressing up so very close with the inevitable bitterness of life.

This morning, my parents sent me a Snap Chat from the Good Samaritan rehab facility. My mom recently had a stroke after enduring her third brain surgery this year. She was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumor a year ago, and has undergone radiation and multiple chemo-therapies. The Snap Chat was of a moment in time; the two of them singing the song Good Morning from the musical Singing in the Rain. It simultaneously made me smile and cry as my mom wrestled with the words and my dad smiled as he sang.

Oh, how I sometimes want to refuse the pain, yet there they were singing to me the ying and yang, the ebb and flow, and the coming and going of all of life.